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Android 12 was announced at Google I/O 2021 in May of this year, promising significant overhauls of the Android platform from design to privacy. In this post, we’ll highlight some noteworthy changes that you should be aware of, and we’ll share some of what we’ve found from testing the latest beta builds of Android. Our […]

1. Remote Help Reference: Remotely assist users that are authenticated by your organization. | Microsoft Learn Remote Help is a cloud-based solution for secure help desk connections with role-based access controls. With the connection, your support staff can remote connect to the user’s device. During the session, they can view the device’s display and if permitted

Microsoft on Wednesday announced the launch of a new product called “Microsoft Intune Suite,” which is a bundle of “add-on” IT tool capabilities for use with the Microsoft Intune endpoint management solution. Microsoft also announced a new Microsoft Intune Plan 2, which is a collection of add-ons that are said to enable “advanced endpoint management capabilities.” Right

This video will cover the following areas of configuration in support for setup and configuration of the Intune Connector for Active Directory. This solution support autoenrollment and autopilot for enrollment into Microsoft Intune. Video of Content: Reference requirements Articles for Reference Help and Support If anyone needs some assistance and/or have question, I can be

Use role-based access control (RBAC) and scope tags for distributed IT Implementing, Transitioning or Transforming Microsoft Intune is more than just Turning The Service On? Just like all enterprise solutions, it needs a scalable solution so that the environment is maintained over time. Now with scope tags and role-based access control you can make sure

I ran into the above issue after setting up Configuration Manager from the start. The build i was using to install CM was 2101. Then i hit this issue. I tried the below option, Didn’t work, I even tried the renamed AdminConsole, and install the Console again. That didn’t work. The Solution i decided to

Session 5 Enabling Microsoft Intune for Apple iOS/iPad and MacOS Devices. Adding 2 iPhones and a macOS device to the Intune Expert Intune environment. Creating Dynamic device groups for managing these new device types. Everything you see here is done as a large scale and is considered an industry best practice as well as based

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