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Intune, Device Configuration Improvements for iPadOS Enrolled as Shared iPads for Business

Device configuration

Improved policy support for iPadOS devices enrolled as Shared iPads for Business

BUT! Its still in (public preview). However, you can still leverage the feature.

Microsoft has added support for user-assigned device configuration policies for Shared iPads for Business.

With this change, settings like the home screen layout and most device restrictions assigned to user groups apply to Shared iPad devices while a user from the assigned user groups is active on the device.

Provisioning a device as a Shared iPad sets it up for use by multiple users. iPads running on iPadOS 13.4 and later can be provisioned as a Shared iPad when enrolled using Automated Device Enrollment without user affinity.

A Shared iPad consists of a pre-defined number of user partitions. User partitions ensure that each user’s apps, data, and preferences are stored separately on Shared iPad and can be backed up to iCloud (if allowed by admin) for seamless transition across multiple Shared iPads.

By federating your organization’s AAD instance in Apple Business or School Manager, a user can sign in on a Shared iPad using their AAD username and password. This automatically creates a Managed Apple ID for the user that matches their AAD username when they sign in on a Shared iPad for the first time. In addition, at first sign-in on a Shared iPad, the user sets up an alphanumeric passcode for their user partition and the apps assigned to the device are installed to the user partition. The next time the user accesses a Shared iPad, they only need to provide their Managed Apple ID (same as their AAD username) and the alphanumeric passcode.

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