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In Session 1,

Session 1 – Intune Expert, Enabling Microsoft Intune with Minimal Configurations, Then Autopilot.

I demonstrated how to enable Microsoft Intune with the most minimal configurations, then be able to enroll devices. I’ll also showed how to setup user personas out of Policy Sets. Created groups and dynamic groups for targeting device configuration and apps. Then enabled and set the Windows Autoenrollment group that enables users to enroll/participate in Intune by allowing to enroll devices. Configured the default compliance policy and created a custom compliance policy. Configured device enrollment restrictions and the ESP, (Enrollment Status Page). Then lastly I showed how a device that gets enrolled via Windows Autopilot.


  • Enabling Microsoft Intune
  • Setup Personas
  • Group License Assignment
  • Enable Autoenrollment
  • Default Compliance Policy
  • Dynamic Groups
  • Enrollment Restrictions
  • Enrollment Status Page
  • Device Enrollment
  • Dynamic Groups
  • Device Enrollment

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