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Microsoft’s Built-In Print Infrastructure

Solution and hardware vendors can integrate their products with Universal Print, Microsoft’s built-in print infrastructure. Our partners have been instrumental in delivering solutions to satisfy diverse requirements from our customers, including industry-specific solutions that integrate valuable printing functionality.

This article lists partner providers and independent software vendors that have built products and solutions that integrate with Universal Print by Microsoft.


Universal Print by Microsoft is available on select Brother devices to help users manage their print infrastructure through cloud services from Microsoft. These Brother printers, which are Universal Print-ready with Universal Print-compatible firmware, eliminate the need for on-premises print servers and lower capital expenditure. They also help lower energy costs, reduce the IT administrative burden, and help reduce the operating expenses associated with on-premises servers. If users have a Microsoft 365 subscription, they can access the Universal Print console on Brother printers without the Universal Print connector.

Brother International Corporation is a leading provider of office equipment technology and document management solutions, including award-winning color and black and white multi-function printers, scanners, label printers, and device-based cloud and mobile technologies. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX offers native support for Universal Print so users can print to third generation printer models of imageRUNNER Advance without the need for local print servers. Users control the functionality of these devices, including duplex, staple, and hole-punch. These devices include a free connection to uniFLOW Online Express and can provide device authentication, comprehensive print/copy/fax/scan reporting, and scan to myself while using Universal Print.

Canon, which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, was the first partner to work with Microsoft on creating a Universal Print solution. The company is a leader in professional and consumer imaging equipment, industrial equipment, and information systems. Canon’s extensive range of products includes production printers, multifunction office systems, inkjet and laser printers, cameras, video and cinematography equipment, network cameras, medical systems, and semiconductor-manufacturing equipment. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


Celiveo 365 is a native Azure SaaS app that extends Universal Print by Microsoft by letting you add user authentication on printers and multi-function printers using smartphones, contactless cards, and PIN codes. Celiveo 365 adds advanced pull print and tracking over public cloud with full security and scalability, without requiring any local gateway. It is a simpler and cheaper options and automatically adapts to your printer fleet size. It also makes it possible to use MFPs even when the cloud is not reachable.

Celiveo is a printer brand-agnostic and innovative company developing solutions to better manage and secure documents, reduce costs, and right-size printer fleets in small, mid-size, and large corporations. Celiveo technology does not use any servers but instead fully runs at the printer level to scale and communicate directly with Universal Print and Azure. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


Konica Minolta helps customers throughout Digital Transformation journey end to end from legacy on-premises printing towards Intelligent Connected Workplace, and this seamless integration of our proven bizhub iSeries MFP & Dispatcher Paragon centered around Universal Print by Microsoft takes customers onto the steppingstone into the DX journey.

At the core of the Dispatcher Paragon functionality is the central accounting of all print, copy and scan operations. Providing comprehensive information with details like job name, first page preview, date, number of pages and toner coverage, the application much facilitates and streamlines administrator tasks. What’s more, print administrators can activate pull printing, and create effective print governance policies. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


ThinPrint ezeep Hub brings Universal Print by Microsoft to any printer, whether the printer is at the office, on campus, or at home. It can support single printers as well as fleets of printers. ezeep Hub creates an outbound connection from its location to secure printers while avoiding complex firewall configurations. With just an Ethernet connection and power, ezeep Hub detects printers on its local network and adds them to a Universal Print account so they can be assigned to users.

The integration with Universal Print enables customers to improve security by shielding printers and the sensitive data they process from direct connections to the internet. ezeep Hub is part of the ThinPrint family of products. ThinPrint draws on more than 20 years of experience in providing print management and optimization to more than 30,000 customers in 126 countries. The company’s solutions support single users as well as deployments as large as 300,000 users. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


The HP for Universal Print Workpath app modernizes the print experience to give users simple, driverless printing. Microsoft and HP have collaborated to create a print solution that takes advantage of cloud technology and seamlessly integrates HP multi-function printers with the Microsoft cloud. Users enjoy the added benefit of a basic pull-print solution that lets users authenticate and print selected jobs from a printer’s control panel. The app also helps eliminate dependency on printer firmware updates.

HP Inc. creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. Through our product and service portfolio of personal systems, printers, and 3D printing solutions, we engineer experiences that amaze. The Workpath ecosystem is the world’s most secure app platform. With HP Workpath apps, multi-step document workflows—from expense processing to contract signing—turn into a simple tap and swipe. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


Kofax provides an integrated Intelligent Automation software platform, productivity tools, and solutions that digitally transform document-intensive workflows at scale, enabling organizations to Work Like Tomorrow™—today.

Kofax ControlSuite actively manages, secures, and governs virtually every aspect of document information distribution via printing, scanning, routing and storing throughout the enterprise. It works across any combination of hybrid systems, technologies, and devices, including MFPs, PC desktops, mobile, email and web capture. Combined with Microsoft Universal Print cloud services, ControlSuite delivers security, compliance and productivity through document workflow automation. Working together, the solutions provide a single, fully integrated suite that helps alleviate print administration effort and expense. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


Konica Minolta bizhub i series multi-function printers support Universal Print from Microsoft as Universal Print-native printers. By integrating Konica Minolta MFPs with the Microsoft 365 environment, companies can reduce print-related costs and experience an improved printing experience and increased productivity. By implementing this printing solution, IT admins no longer need to manage on-premise printer servers, and everyday users no longer need to install printer drivers as long as they’ve joined Azure Active Directory.

Konica Monolta is one of the leading MFP manufacturers in the world. We provide high-performance, high-quality products to offices around the world to help our clients improve productivity. We’re a business-trusted partner that supports customer digital transformation by offering the one-stop services of MFP and IT support. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


Lexmark has long worked to simplify the print infrastructure of our end customers. So, when the opportunity arose to work with Microsoft on a simplified cloud-based approach to printing, we jumped in. Our current products include a Universal Print Driver, but our Lexmark Print Management on-premises and Cloud Print Management solutions also enable the printing experience that users demand with File -> Print expectations.

Lexmark worked with Microsoft to ensure compliance—integrating our printers seamlessly with Universal Print without the need for on-premises infrastructure or printer drivers. A firmware update, validated by Microsoft, enables native registration and print support without the need for a PC application to facilitate printing. Even without updating firmware, users can simply use a Universal Print Connector application to connect existing printers to Universal Print. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


MPS Monitor brings Universal Print by Microsoft functionality—including printer sharing, print queues, and pull-print—to any MPS Monitor user with a suitable Microsoft 365 subscription. MPS Monitor’s multi-tenant cloud service automatically syncs with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to activate the Universal Print service for select customers. With MPS Monitor with Universal Print integration, companies can enable printing from zero-trust networks via single sign-on. All print queues are stored in Office data storage, where customers’ Microsoft 365 mailboxes and OneDrive files are also stored. All data transit is encrypted.

The integration with Universal Print helps customers to move their print infrastructure to the cloud and have their entire print fleet managed by a single SaaS platform. Based in Italy, MPS Monitor is a major IoT software solution for monitoring printing devices and the provision of managed print services. The solution monitors more than 900,000 printing devices and 28 billion pages each year on over 140,000 end users. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


MyQ X is a next-gen comprehensive print management solution that extends the capabilities of Microsoft Universal Print to older printer models and enhances it with powerful features. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, MyQ X features printer display personalization, centralized fleet management, air-tight document security, and intuitive scanning workflows. It supports multi-function printers of any age.

The integration with Universal Print enables customers to improve their document security, reduce their print service costs, and empower their remote workers with a strong print management tool. IT admins benefit from MyQ’s advanced accounting methods and highly customizable reports, informing cost management and user policies. In addition to its MyQ X print management solution, MyQ offers smart technology solutions for both home and business, including cloud-based facility management. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


PaperCut’s print-management software gives organizations improved control in their print environment — from simplified print job tracking and monitoring, to easy BYOD printing and advanced print security.

Our integration with Universal Print is driven by three goals: Help people get up and running using the printers they have today; make it simple to move from local print servers to Universal Print; and ensure that users still enjoy the benefits of PaperCut’s print management to track, control, and secure their print jobs. To make these good things happen, we’re building native support for Universal Print into our flagship products: PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


Pharos is a cloud services and technology company specializing in print management software and solutions. Pharos helps organizations of all sizes make their printing more secure, cost-effective, user-friendly, and sustainable.

Like Microsoft, Pharos envisions a world in which printing is simple, secure, and free of print servers. By integrating Pharos Beacon with Microsoft 365 and Universal Print, organizations can add a critical layer of security and confidentiality to their printing workflows and significantly reduce print-related waste and costs. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


PriApps is an award-winning developer of innovative print management and document capture solutions. PriApps helps its customers reduce costs, increase security and confidentiality, improve user productivity, and eliminate waste by allowing them to take control of their printing and document capture workflows, regardless of make or model of printer or MFP.

PriApps enhances Universal Print by allowing users to securely release print jobs at any printer or MFP, track usage, apply print rules and quotas, and assign Cost Account or Client Matter codes for cost recovery. Users can track Universal Print usage for accurate reporting and easily output data to Power BI for business analytics and interactive visualizations. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


Printix SaaS is a native cloud print management solution that extends the capabilities of Universal Print. Hosted on Azure, Printix SaaS provides direct print, secure print, and mobile print from any device to any printer. It’s supported on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS, and Android.

The integration with Universal Print is the latest in a long line of Microsoft integrations offered by Printix; others include Azure AD single sign-on, Endpoint Manager to automatically deploy Printix Client, Power BI to create reports and insight into print usage, and support for Windows Virtual Desktop. As an established Microsoft ISV partner, Printix gives organizations of any size an extended print management platform and service, without compromise. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


Process Fusion UniPrint Infinity with Universal Print by Microsoft integration gives you the choice of print to physical or print to digital. UniPrint Infinity’s device- and network-agnostic solution extends Universal Print’s capabilities by enabling secure print release for physical output. The print-to-digital feature allows the capture, auto-classification, and data extraction of a digital print job using Microsoft’s machine learning and AI platform for process automation. Work with any hardware vendors for print device selection and benefit from printing support for mobile devices (iOS, Android), Mac, Chrome OS, and IGEL OS.

Process Fusion is a software company and a cloud solution innovator. The company helps organizations transform inefficient, paper- and labor-intensive business processes into a secure, automated, mobile-ready digital first experience for all users. By incorporating machine learning and robotic process automation (RBA) capabilities into our intelligent cloud platform, Process Fusion helps organizations reduce errors associated with manual document processing and the costs associated with inefficient workflows. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


Ringdale is a leading innovator in workplace technology and has established relationships with the world’s leading print manufacturers, including Brother, Canon, HP, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, OKI, Ricoh, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, and Xerox.

In partnership with Microsoft, Ringdale is helping Microsoft 365 customers who use Universal Print to incorporate the latest security and data privacy protection policies when printing from both cloud-based and hybrid environments. Ringdale’s FollowMe® solution ensures that organizations can integrate their on-premises and cloud operations to provide a consistent approach for secure printing from all enterprise applications. FollowMe is vendor neutral and works with more than 15 different OEM brands. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


Toshiba’s current e-BRIDGE multi-function printers are compatible with Universal Print by Microsoft via the Universal Print connector. This will enable customers to fully manage their print environment from Microsoft Azure without any on-premises connector software. The entire print infrastructure resides in the Microsoft 365 cloud. Toshiba’s built-in device security features coupled with Azure Active Directory authentication and user-based reporting ensure that customers’ print environment is fully secure. Users can print securely anytime and anywhere from their Windows devices to Toshiba multi-function printers without needing to install a print driver. IT admins can remotely deploy and fully manage printer settings, user access control, and print job attributes from their cloud portal.

Toshiba is a global leader with a broad range of products and solutions for various markets and industries. Our workflow solutions include an extensive portfolio of industry-recognized workflow and document management products for businesses of all sizes. With more than 140 years of experience in products, technology, and customer experience, we are committing to helping clients reach their goals. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


uniFLOW Online is developed by NT-ware, a leading software company for print and scan management products made for businesses, as well as educational and healthcare facilities. The products and services are available globally via Canon Inc. and authorized resellers. uniFLOW Online is a 100% cloud-based solution that enables organizations to manage their entire print and scan environment so they can improve document security, control printing costs, and increase employee productivity.

uniFLOW Online further extends Universal Print by Microsoft, creating a holistic cloud solution that combines powerful features with straightforward administration. No server, connector, hubs, or client software is needed. Users can print from their PC to a single print queue and securely release their print jobs at any device, after authentication, regardless of the network configuration. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.


The cloud-to-cloud integration of Xerox Workplace Cloud seamlessly connects to your team’s technology and unlocks advanced print management capabilities, including comprehensive security, access control, and usage tracking. Register your Microsoft 365 tenant ID with Xerox Workplace Cloud and all your printers are instantly connected to your account. IT admins can set print rules with Azure Active Directory groups to enforce cost-saving measures. Data visualization tools from Workplace Cloud Analytics makes it easy to see all the ways to finetune the print ecosystem for more time and cost savings. Generate reports with cost accounting and project codes to charge back to departments or projects.

Xerox Corporation makes everyday work better. We are a workplace technology company that builds and integrates software and hardware for enterprises large and small. As customers seek to manage information across digital and physical platforms, Xerox delivers a seamless, secure, and sustainable experience. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.

YSoft OMNIBridge

Y Soft helps companies focus on their core competencies by providing versatile print-management and document-capture solutions that minimize IT costs and increase user productivity.

In keeping with Y Soft’s mission to “Build Smart Business,” Y Soft OMNI Bridge, a serverless edge device, instantly and cost-effectively connects in-market printers to Microsoft’s Universal Print. In addition, we’re excited to take our partnership with Microsoft a step further by seamlessly integrating Universal Print into our versatile Y Soft SAFEQ solution family. Both solutions help businesses get the best possible value by adopting Universal Print as part of Microsoft 365, all while protecting their existing investments. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.

YSoft SafeQ

Y Soft helps companies focus on their core competencies by providing versatile print-management and document-capture solutions that minimize IT costs and increase user productivity.

Y Soft has partnered with Microsoft to natively integrate Universal Print with our Y Soft SAFEQ Cloud and Y Soft SAFEQ on-premise solutions. SAFEQ extends the benefits of Universal Print in pure cloud and hybrid scenarios, as well as across on-premises and edge devices, reducing the IT costs that come with managing print drivers and print queues. In addition to SAFEQ, we’ve taken our partnership with Microsoft a step further by integrating Universal Print into our Y Soft OMNI series solutions. Both offerings help businesses get the best possible value by adopting Universal Print as part of Microsoft 365, all while protecting their existing investments. Visit our website at the link below to learn more.

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