Protect your Business with Microsoft 365 & Intune.

Onboarding and Implementation

Phoenixtekk streamlines onboarding for Microsoft Intune and Defender, saving businesses time and money. With expert knowledge, the process ensures all devices are secure and enrolled efficiently with minimal disruption to operations. This allows for seamless transition to the Microsoft ecosystem, allowing businesses to focus on growth.

Onboarding Excellence

Eliminate the learning curve and expedite deployment success realization.

Unified Identify Management

Expertise in Entra ID, Windows Active Directory, ADFS, SAML ensuring seamless access control.

Server Migration Specialists

Expertise in transferring between Physical/Virtual platforms, Hyper-V, VMware, AWS, Google, and others.

Efficient Email Transition

Migrate effortlessly between Exchange Server, Exchange Online, Google Workspace and more.

Unified Identify Management

Transform legacy apps like InfoPath Forms, Lotus Notes to contemporary platforms like Power Apps/Sites.

Intranet Evolution

Shift seamlessly between File Shares, Google Drive, Box, and others without losing data integrity.

Ecommerce & SaaS Mastery

Expertise in transitioning and managing Line Of Business (LOB), eCommerce, and SaaS applications.

Unified Identify Management

Intranet Evolution Transition smoothly to SharePoint Online from SharePoint Server, Custom Applications.

Database Management

Migrate or manage with proficiency: SQL Server, SQL Express, SQL Developer.

Customized Solutions

Some problems require specialized solutions & experienced experts with attention to regulatory requirements, complex environments & identities, or overlapping services that require consolidation.

Government Contracting

Migrating to Microsoft 365 GCC Moderate or GCC High to meet ITAR, CMMC, CUI, etc.

Mergers Aquisitions

Bring together multiple identities and combining groups, SharePoint Online sites.

Complex Environments

Collapsing identity services, impacts to users & devices, and organizational alignment.

Precise Onboarding

We provide smooth system transitions through tailored training and support, catering to diverse work environments, and improving team productivity with decreased errors.

Deployment Professionals – Leveraging years of experience, we handle deployments with minimal disruptions, making transitions fluid and efficient.

Your Microsoft Partner

Phoenixtekk Agile IT

Phoenixtekk Agile IT is a collection of custom solutions bundled to provide best practices with predictable pricing results.

Device Security

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Modern Device Management

We’re flexible and prioritize clarity. We’ll ensure you have a clear understanding of your organization’s needs before implementing anything.

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