Block App Store and iCloud Services


Microsoft Enterprise SSO Plug-in, to create a Device Feature configuration profile for Microsoft Enterprise SSO Plug-in.

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Deploy Device Configurations

  1. Assign custom device configurations to Group – Testing
    • Active Directory Binding
    • Login Window Options
    • Microsoft Single Sign On Plugin
  2. Create local account for organization user
    1. Best, to use the same spelling as org alias
    2. Able to use any spelling you choose
    3. Optionally, Allow user administration on MacOS device
  3. Logout of the Local Admin account
    1. At this point you may Reset the Mac if use ADE
  4. Login with the Local account you just created for the Organization user above
  5. When prompted to enter an Apple ID, enter the Org ID/Apple ID
  6. Done, we have Successfully logged in with a Org ID on MacOS
    1. Show the login experience when user just logs out / Lock screen
    2. Show the login experience when the user reboots the computer
    3. Show the SSO Single Sign On Experience


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