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Transforming Transitioning To Intune

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We will engage in an assessment and discovery phase together with you or your team, where we will go through a series of questions aimed at facilitating the addition of configuration sets. In order to effectively manage MacOS and/or iOS/iPadOS devices, it is essential for you to enroll in the Apple Business Manager Program. Additionally, you may also need to consider signing up for an Apple Developer Account to fully meet your requirements.

For Example: 

If you are planning to manage MacOS and/or iOS/iPadOS devices, it is necessary to register for the Apple Business Manager Program. Additionally, you may also need to consider signing up for an Apple Developer Account to fulfill your requirements effectively.

Design Review

Upon reviewing the comprehensive notes and captured information from our initial meeting, as well as taking into account your desired configurations, we will provide a demonstration of the settings and configurations for different feature sets that we plan to implement. We ensure the validation of these solutions by leveraging Labs and Microsoft Customer Digital Experiences.


Once we have gathered all the necessary detailed information about your environment and desired configuration, we can proceed with enabling Microsoft Intune. We estimate that it will take approximately six days to fully implement and enable Microsoft Intune with agreed on baseline configurations.


After Microsoft Intune is setup and configured and tested, we will then provide you will Step-by-Step guides for your users or administrators to follow and start enrolling and onboarding existing or new devices.  We will have already validated enrollment works with devices and windows virtual desktops machines we have in place for testing. 


Once Microsoft Intune is successfully enabled, you will have the flexibility to assign device and configuration policies to specific dynamic device groups and or add users to user groups. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can handle the deployment and execution of these steps on your behalf. Rest assured that the solution will automatically be applied to the appropriate devices, ensuring seamless implementation.

Tell Us About Your Project

Got a modern device management Project coming up and you need help implementing the right features for
specific users or devices, give us the details and we’ll build a solution around your desired configurations.

What Do You Get?

Transforming Transitioning To Intune

Active Directory
  • Setup and configuration of the Azure AD Connect Tool to establish synchronization between Azure AD and your Microsoft 365 tenant.
  • Setup and configuration of the Intune Connector for Active Directory.
Enrollment Restrictions
  • Device limit restrictions will be configured according to the information gathered during the discovery process.
  • Device platform restrictions will also be set up based on the responses obtained during the discovery phase.
  • Packaging and provisioning of the Intune Company Portal in Intune, enabling automatic deployment and installation on enrolled devices.
  • Provisioning and automatic deployment of the Microsoft Edge browser on enrolled devices.
  • Configuration and provisioning of Microsoft 365 Apps to be automatically deployed and installed on enrolled devices.
Enrollment Settings
  • Configuration of Automatic Enrollment with an initial group to facilitate device enrollment for users.
  • Creation and configuration of Deployment Profiles for Autopilot deployment of Windows devices.
  • Setup and configuration of the Intune Connector for Active Directory.
  • Configuration and setup of an Enrollment Status Page specifically for Windows Autopilot devices.
Device Compliance Policy
  • By default, the Compliance Policy is enabled, which is often overlooked by many organizations. If the policy is left unchanged with the default settings, devices will consistently be reported as compliant, potentially leading to inaccurate compliance status.
Update Rings
  • In addition, groups will be created to implement update rings, which define the approach for delivering feature and quality updates to your Windows devices through Windows as a Service.
Group Policies
  • We will provide you with a specific set of Group Policy Object (GPO) settings that you need to add to your Active Directory network. These settings will initiate automatic enrollment of Windows devices into Microsoft Intune.
Dynamic Groups
  • Once Microsoft Intune is enabled, a set of dynamic groups will be created with predefined filter rules. These groups will be utilized for deploying the solutions effectively.
Device Configuration Profiles
  • Creation of a device configuration profile to facilitate device joining to AD or Azure AD.
  • Creation of a device configuration profile for the Enrollment Status Page to track provisioning progress during enrollment.
  • Creation of a device configuration profile to provision Windows devices with the Edition upgrade mode switch.
  • Creation of a device configuration profile with Microsoft’s recommended device restrictions as the baseline configuration set.

Want More Features Enabled?

Want More

Solution Enablements are additional features that can be activated on your Microsoft Intune implementation. Whether you utilized our services or another consulting firm to enable Microsoft Intune, you have the opportunity to utilize our Solution Enablements to enhance Intune with extra functionalities.

For Example

If you’re interested in incorporating MacOS device management into your Microsoft Intune implementation, you can achieve this by enabling Managed Apple IDs. This can involve federating Apple Business Manager with Azure AD, which allows for automatic provisioning of user accounts in Apple Business Manager.

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