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Endpoint Configuration Manager Console Error: A required component of the console is out of sync with your site

I ran into the above issue after setting up Configuration Manager from the start. The build i was using to install CM was 2101. Then i hit this issue. I tried the below option, Didn’t work, I even tried the renamed AdminConsole, and install the Console again. That didn’t work.

The Solution i decided to try, Worked!!!!

Go To Solution below for the answer.

After installing the CB 2006 update, the console displays a banner as shown in the attached image. When I attempt to “install the new console version” it fails with the attached error log. It appears to be a very similar issue to the one addressed in this article:

However, the recommended resolution doesn’t work. It just seems as though I don’t have the correct version of the source files expected by the installer. I have already installed all available hotfixes.


What i did to resolve this issue was run the setup again from the CM directory, and kick off the installation of CM from within the cd.latest Drive Letter:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manaer\cd.latest folder. Run the Splash file, and click on Install the Configuration Manager Console, and install the console over the top of the existing console.

This resolved the issue for me.

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